Gabriella Zaharias - Bio

Gabriella Zaharias has a Diploma in English and Pedagogy from the University of Novi Sad and an MA in American Language and Literature from the University of Hamburg.

Gabriella studied landscape architecture at the Technical University of Munich (Weihenstephan), where she graduated with a Dipl. Ing. Univ. She also studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, as a student of Prof. Erich Schneider-Wessling (real architecture).

After working for a number of landscape architecture companies in Munich, Gabriella has been free-lance since 1990. In 2004 she founded the company zaharias landschaftsarchitekten.

Gabriella is a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects as a landscape architect and town planner. She is a licentiate member of the Landscape Institute in Great Britain.